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Give your students the best chance of success, with teaching resources from ZiMNA-UK . Take advantage of complimentary publications that feature the latest in nursing knowledge, and exclusive resources to inspire the next generation of nurses. We’ve collated a wealth of information to help you guide your students through the various certification programs. 

Zimbabwean Midwives and Nurse Association  provides scholarships nationally through the generosity of individual donors and the generosity of all Diasporas. Contributions to the ZiMNA-UK Funding can be made through your ZiMNA-UK state nursing organization and select national nursing organizations. Join us in supporting nurses across the country by  donating directly.

Technology advancements in the last 20 years have led to a dramatic increase in innovation across the health care spectrum.  Revolutionary policymaking has led to an even more staggering adoption of connected healthcare solutions. Telehealth is a primary beneficiary of technology progress through the increased use of connected devices

Career Center

Helping nurses to develop their careers, is central to our mission. One of the ways we nurture this aim is through the ZiMNA-UK Career Center - an online jobs hub with an audience of tens of thousands of dedicated, skilled nurses


Florence Nightingale Trust.

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